Wild West Town

A collection of photos of the wild west town I built in Minecraft.
The town, called Dumbton, is located on survival mode on a private invite-only server.
Right click an image and select "View Image" for a closer look.

This is where it all began...
I would hide up in this watchtower inbetween building to stay safe from mobs
View from the watchtower as construction begins
I begin building the saloon, general store, farm, weapon store, and clock tower
To the right is the train station, the main entrance to the town
The town of Dumbton connects to other towns in the world
Dumbton is located in a desert out in the middle of nowhere I was punished greatly for trying to cut corners on my building foundations
Surprise explosions from underneath my buildings killed many
View from atop the clock tower
To the right is the watchtower, right next to the saloon and train station
View from atop the train station
The brown dirt road is for classic gunfights outside of the saloon
View within the town looking towards the train station
To the left with the bark pillars is the lumber yard
Past the lumber yard on the left is the weapons store
following the weapons store on the left is the general store
Inside of the saloon there is a jukebox with a big music collection
and brewing stations with fully stocked ingredients and potions
Dumbton general store, where food and building supplies are kept.
Definitely a one-stop shop anytime I travel through Dumbton
The ominous town clock tower. Stairs inside lead to the top.
To the right of the tower is the Dumbton Bank and Loan
The Dumbton Bank has three private offices and a secure vault full of diamonds and gold Looking up at Dumbton Inn, check out the exterior balconies and windows.
There is an item enchantment area on the roof of Dumbton Inn
The front of Dumbton Inn. Through the glass are paintings on the walls.
The reception counter and lobby are on the first floor
Stairwells inside Dumbton Inn are high-class Shot of one of the fourth floor suites.
Rooms can be rented out by anyone at antyime at no cost
Entrance to the fifth floor Penthouse suite.
beyond the door is the large penthouse living room (not pictured)
Past the living room is this bedroom with a desk Also in the bedroom is the bed and balcony access The balcony wraps around the entire hotel.
A bar extends out from the back of the bedroom
Day-time view from the penthouse balcony.
Rooftops in Dumbton are all easily accessed using ladders
The town at night. Quite an experience building this place.
The torches around the town made it possible for villagers to live there
A Tranquil sunset. To the far right is the back exit gate of Dumbton.
This exit leads to the battlegrounds where mobs angrily congregate
View atop the clock tower. That little shack is one of the outhouses.
For these last few photos, the camera rotates to the left
Thanks for checking out my Wild West Town!


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