Water Temple

A collection of photos of the water temple I built in Minecraft.
The temple is located Southeast of spawn on survival mode, play.darcecraft.com server.
Right click an image and select "View Image" for a closer look.

Welcome to the Water Temple!
A stairway from my neighbors property takes you here
The temple is against a lake Nicvcer is my username (Niss-viss-err)
Players can drop donations for me here if they want
The front of the temple during daytime My temple construction headquarters are underneath the stairs.
Always lots of supplies to gather!
Im all about keeping my supplies organized.
Underneath the supply area is the entrance to the mines.
Im really not going overboard here. I do massive supply runs. Lighted Walkway The first of many holes carved into the lake View from within the first hole Down the hallway from the first hole
leads to the underwater enchantment room
Wanderers can come here and enchant their items Building all of this underwater sure was a challenge The Fountain Room underneath the lake A carving from a fan of the temple Some areas of the temple are darker than others Daylight and torch lighting helps to guide visitors.
Monsters spawn in darks part of the temple. Many visitors have died.
Downstairs from the previous room, the first floor. The first-floor view of the three-level waterfall The waterfall has shortcut openings at each of the three levels On the second floor are vines leading up to secret areas The exterior back of the three-level waterfall
as viewed from atop the vines
The exterior back of the three-level waterfall
viewed from the first floor
Further down from the waterfall on the first floor View from floor 2.
This area is far away from the Temple entrance.
From atop the waterfall, a brighter look at the Temple.
This part of the temple extends from Floor 3 all the way to Basement 3.
Water pools at the bottom of the temple help prevent visitors from dieing when they fall.
Looking down from floor 1, the water pool is in basement 2. There is a glass room underneath the waterfall The waterfall is five levels.
It flows from the high dive pool on floor 3 down to basement 2
Yes, a tree is planted on the wall. Delicate lighting guides visitors at night Deeper into the temple. Always more to explore Shortcut waterfalls from the high dive pool Epic stairs connect the first floor with basement level 2 Basement level 2 is built atop a dangerous mine-shaft area Looking down through the glass, basement 3 can be seen below.
Monsters run rampant in basement 3 and many visitors have died here
The basement is all about glass floors Ladder from floor 1 to basement level 3 The high-dive tower is located all the way at the back of the temple.
It reaches high and mighty into the sky
Doorway to the high-dive tower Within the high-dive tower, visitors cannot access the high-dive.
The high-dive is only accessed via a secret area hidden in the temple
I really dig mult-level waterfalls!
This waterfall on floor 2 flows down to the epic staircase on floor 1
View from atop the high dive.
Only a third of the temple is visible from up here, the rest is underwater.
The water pool at the bottom of the high-dive More underwater temple corridor action Thats enough! Here is another shot from the entrance Thanks for checking out my water temple!


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